Random Thoughts on Self-Publishing

Random Thoughts on Self-Publishing

Is it better to go it alone or form a team?

That’s a very good question. Large publishers – who may wish to own and control – opt for a team. It’s like an army: organised, effective, efficient, checked and, well it just bulls its way forward. An artist with inspiration goes it alone, is nimble, quick, insightful, surprising and produces a thing of beauty. Take your pick. We love artists.

I’m not ready.

Who is? Look left, look right, then take a leap of faith. Isn’t the best way to learn skiing to attack the slope? Go as far as you can, make as much noise as you can, and watch for folks who like what you have produced. If you enjoy your own material, and it works well with your students and classes, there will be other instructors somewhere who will have the same experience. Keep ploughing ahead to find them. They will order your stuff.

My material isn’t perfect.

Do you remember Billy Gates? Has any version of Windoze ever been perfect – or even close? Ship Frankenstein, but wrap him up real nice, especially the first time. Give him a hat. Make him smile. Revise, add more, show the folks who use your stuff that you’re committed to constant improvement, enhancement, innovation. But be active – print, ship, get it out there.

Isn’t every teacher doing something different?

It seems that way, doesn’t it? There are how many Anglophone nations – more than a dozen? Consider the variations between Melbourne, Montreal, Manhattan, Glasgow, Georgia, Cape Town. What of the ethnic backgrounds of the American melting pot, the Canadian mosaic, the Aussie immigrations? High class, low class, business class, first class, no class – musicians, artists, potters, weavers, ex-marines, ex-ministers, ex-priests, ex, ex, ex. Everybody is teaching. Somewhere out there are folks who will tell you that your self-published masterpiece is exactly what they have been searching for. They will order. They will talk. They will market. They will move the mountain.

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