A Few Common Questions

A Few Common Questions

Although most folks in the teaching profession have heard the term self-publishing, not that many actually jump in and offer their material in a commercial way. Exactly what private, independent or self-publishing entails varies according to the people with whom one works. All we can do here at Academic Press Japan is show what we do and don’t do. The writer formulates his own vision, and if our activities and that vision are a good fit, away we go. Here are some common questions.

  1. Q. Should I self-publish?

    A. Of course you should. Almost all teachers used to self-publish material before the major corporate publishers decided the market was fertile and large enough for their interests, which looking back, seems to have happened in the early 1980s.

  2. Q. When should I self-publish?

    A. Each person will have his opinion on this, but the most practical position is to cover your costs in the very first season of printing/distribution, plus gain positive income. A family, a spouse, colleagues all applaud this as success.

  3. Q. Can I know how many copies will be ordered before printing?

    A. This is the million-dollar question – the key. Surprisingly, with reasonable accuracy, doing things our way – yes, you can. Sounds Obamaesque, but here’s what it means: you can decide to publish when real committed order numbers show you that income will obviously exceed costs – the first season. This means no risk, no gamble, instead payoff – and attention can proceed to encouraging more orders and sharing insights and teaching tips.

  4. Q. What are all the fine details of making a print run – especially the cost?

    A. Have a look at the Contact Form on this site and drop us a note. We are happy to answer any query. Each book is unique, but there are also parameters and guidelines, so you’ll have a clear enough notion of what choices influence which costs how much. Think number of pages, page size, paper quality, colour or black and white. This is a necessary planned stage in preparing covers, images, text. Be certain of one thing: our aim is to keep costs low.

  5. Q. I’d like to have my books on every retail bookstore shelf in Japan, to send free sample copies to every university in the country for their libraries, have my books prominently displayed at every commercial book fair in the nation all year long, and much more. Much much more. And even more than that.

    A. That’s nice. Send us a brief note on the Contact Form, and we’ll give an overview of normal marketing in this field and, in our eyes, why it is this way and where your efforts and ours can be most effective, most cost-efficient, and most beneficial to you.

  6. Q. Can you do print-on-demand on a small scale, or are all runs offset and bulk?

    A. If this is the question uppermost in your mind at the moment, then we have to talk. Use the Contact Form on the site. We will respond promptly. Both offset and print-on-demand machines are available, but at different rates, with advantages and without. We use both, but appropriately, according to need and circumstance – and can give examples if you correspond with us.

  7. Q. Hmm. It seems like I should make contact with you, doesn’t it?

    A. Oh, my. That’s a darling idea. We’d love to hear from you. We’ll be upfront and honest, showing what we can do well and what we would rather not do. You’ll always be in control. You have everything to gain and nothing to worry about – so if you have even the vaguest thoughts of self-publishing before you vanish from this planet, then kindly drop us a line. Really. Drop us a line. It’s the sole purpose of this website.

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