What We Do at Academic Press Japan

You Need To Know

We are a unique service for textbook authors who wish to self-publish in Japan for the university course market. We take care of all printing, distribution and extra marketing. Yet, the author maintains control, owns copyright, follows his plan. In operation since 2011, we focus especially on authors resident in Japan, currently on faculty with ongoing courses. Wish to know more? Have a book ready to print?  Contact us.

We Do


  • Negotiation For Best Rates
  • Quality Checks
  • Enforced Quality Guarantees

We Do


  • Negotiations with Bookstores
  • Fax/Email/Voice Communication
  • Immediate and Scheduled Shipping

We Do


  • Your Own Sales at Maximum Value
  • Our Sales at Excellent Return
  • Maintain Strong Client Relations

Who We Are

We are a team of four, Japanese and foreign, plus seasonal staff and outside advisors and consultants. Our background is in Japanese television and L.A. film for 40 years – studio, drama, mass media news, advertising and 30 years of university instruction. We own our facilities, which include 250 square metres of climate-controlled warehousing storage.


  • Can you provide ISBNs?
  • Yes, of course.


  • How much is the cost of printing?
  • It varies, but be assured our aim is to give you the lowest cost, best value and most functions.


  • I’d like an estimate – a quote.
  • All right. Contact us!


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